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I've been catching up with what I've had DVRed since I've been so busy over the past few weeks, but I'm quite interested in the whole deal between Skip Sheffield Ryback and CM Punk. It's kind of strange how quickly Ryback has gone from squashing jobbers and lower-mid carders to beating the Intercontinental Champion in 2 minutes and intimidating the WWE Champion. I love his character and that the crowd seems behind him, but I fear that he'll turn into another Mason Ryan or Ezekiel Jackson if pushed too far, too fast (although, that method seems to have worked out for Sheamus pretty well).

I also really love the disfunctional Team Hell No as of late. The very first time they took the anger management course, I immediately recognized that they would be a future team, and I'm glad it came to fruition. And I like that WWE is finally rebuilding their Tag Team division, after so many years of it being ignored. Hopefully we'll see either the Rhodes Scholars or Mysterio & Sin Cara win this 8 team tournament to challenge for the titles at the next pay per view.