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Was it a hard choice that you chose the same Pokemon I did? xD I kid, I kid. Great to see someone else who likes the same Pokemon as I do! I know, I like grass-types too. It was hard to decide what to choose for my partner!

Infatuation with the color green = PRICELESS.
oh it get betters I was born in may so green is my birth-color

well chikorita wasn't that hard as i don't like bulbasaur
treeko is old news
turtwig while being my favorite animal a turtle doesn't appeal to me as much
& snivy was cool at first but now its meh i actually like oshawott more now.

& remember ash's chikorita make me love it even more

as for Leavanny it was sooo hard because i adore ludicolo.
liligant is just amazing
&whimsicott has some kind of mysterious appeal probably because its a better version of the hoppip line which i also like (speaking of which i just now noticed that its hoppip not hoppit XD)

and i cant forget leafeon especially because i have a soft spot for eeveelutions

i ended up choosing Leavanny because i read you post & remembered how amazingly useful it was when i played through my white version (which i cant find DXXX) & its quickly became one of my favorite my favorite looking pokemon not to mention it basic for seewaddle he just melts my heart <3