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Hi, IDK if you will read this considering that I am just re-editing a post. But I Think you should ask DrFuji in terms of locking this thread. I like your idea of Revamping the game. I also think you should come up with a more awesome name like something based on the main Pokemon of the game. For example, I want to use Lucario for the game, so I think of something based on what lucario can do, like Pokemon Aura Masters or something. If you need help with something, don't hesitate to ask for help! If you wanna reopen the team thread, I will be a faithful member. I can help you with tiles and I am rather good at digging out stuff. And a comment on your OW, it seems that you don't input enough shadows. Don't worry, it is a rookie OW Spriter mistake. Try using other OWs as a base. As always, I am available (not for until next friday cuzz of exams ): Not my fault!) if you need any help (doubt there is anything I know that you don't thou o.o). And I really hope you reopen the team thread and find FAITHFUL helpers! I am looking forward to your ultimate revamp and if you need help with the banners, I could make some for u thou im still new. Bye!
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