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Well it'd depend on certain variables, like what operating system you're using and what version of whatever browser. For example like donj said safari is pretty badly coded on windows, and I'm not sure if this is still applicable but I know that chrome used to cause kernel panics on macs for whatever reason.
It's also pretty well known now that the older versions of IE are pretty atrocious, the newer versions aren't that bad but they still have a few bugs/features that get on my nerves. Like the fact that each tab shows as a new window on the windows 7 task bar.

Originally Posted by Zet View Post
Actually IE9 blocks 96.6% of malware, while firefox and chrome block under 5% of malware.
To be honest, even if that is true it's probably because the majority of people who write these malware and other malicious software will probably target IE. Not because it's a bad browser, but because it's the default so the majority of people who don't know much about a computer or how to spot when you have some malicious software will be using it.

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