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What jumps out of the bushes, startled by Goony Goo, is not one pokémon. At least it seems to be several. You soon realize that it's an Exeggcute though! A pokémon that consists of six eggs that somehow are mentally connected through psychic powers. They are a relatively common sight in Cinnabar's jungles. This example seems to be a bit confused now, scattering around Goony Goo but trying to get back together into a group before they are attacked.


- Barrage
- Uproar
- Hypnosis

the wild Vulpix was caught!

Your profile in the IC's OP will be updated with the new stats.

Optional: when Eli enters the Pokémon Center, he can spot Blaine just as the gym leader is approached by Fiona Cole.


Blaine stares at you. At least it seems like it.

"Are you challenging me?" he asks in a low voice.

Before you can reply, a Chansey comes out of a corridor, carrying some pokéballs on a tray. One of the pokéballs suddenly break open, letting out a magnificent Rapidash in the middle of the central hall. It neighs and makes people gasp and back off. Then it walks up to Blaine.

"Are you challenging me?" Blaine repeats with a strangely empty voice, as the horse nudges his shoulder with its muzzle.

"There, there," the nurse behind the counter finally dares to say, albeit nervously, and steps forward. "No battles in here, and I doubt that trainer was challenging you by just walking into you, mr Blaine!" she says apologetically.

Blaine shifts his gaze from you to her but doesn't move yet.
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