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Quote originally posted by JordieBo:
Aha! Thank you! I'll take a proper look when I get back home to my laptop.

Also yeah thanks for the advice, was helpful! Although what I meant is, I submitted my discussion thread in the progressing hacks section two maybe three days ago and it came up with a message saying something along the lines of "your thread will be posted after it has been accepted by a moderator" and that's the last I saw of it! Any ideas?
When it comes to boards such as these, the moderators of such sections check to see if threads posted are of good quality and abide by that area's rules. Yours is likely to still be neither approved or denied, so I'd say to wait one more day or two for a response. (Thread approval usually takes a few days, anyhow.) If you've waited longer than the usual couple of days, then feel free to private message or visitor message the moderators of that specific section, and they'll get onto your thread as soon as possible!
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