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Growing up too fast makes me think of girls my age on Facebook posting, "My baby turned 5 months old today! She's growing up too fast! :(" Honey, you're 20 with a 5 month old, how do you think YOUR momma feels?

Anyway, with all the technology today that we didn't have as kids and when it wasn't as accesible, it seems like kids are growing up too fast, but I don't think it's changed. I had an N64 when I was 7. So a kid gets an iPod when they're 7 now. Prices on the two are way different (depending on the iPod model) but hey, look at the economy. lol

If anything, teenagers are growing too fast. Teenage pregnancy and such contributes, I believe. I'm gonna have to come back to this later though. I'm in class and the typing sounds loud so...XD But yeah. I think it's mostly the teens of today, not so much the children that are growing too fast. The average American family is much different now as well, with more single-parent houses...just from local observation, of course. I don't speak for everywhere. I come from a single-parent house as well though, but don't feel that I've "grown up" too much, so eh. But there are other contributing factors. The economy is probably involved...okay bye I make no sense.
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