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Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
First off is Arceus. Why do countless numbers of people think this Pokemon is the most powerful legendary? It has a ridiculous design in my opinion,it just looks like an old goat with some swirly,fancy golden rings around it's body .Also without any plate,it isn't very special,just a normal type.Yes it can learn moves like Judgement, but I never found it appealing at all move or design wise.

Then there's Heatran.This creature whatever it is,is horrible. It has so many weaknesses-Water,Fighting,a 4x weakness to ground. It looks ugly in my opinion,some plump creature with metal jaws and glaring eyes .
Arceus has the highest stats of all pokemon.

And heatran only has 3 weaknesses, compared to its 10 resistances.

My least favorite would be Arceus, a god pokemon is just a bit of a stupid idea. Especially since its a goat.

Never been a fan of cresselia or phione.
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