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Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Giga Drain, anyone? One Giga Drain and Graveler is down to 1HP if it has Sturdy or down.
Negative. Volcarona that is with Alder has the following:

- Overheat (Fire)
- Bug Buzz (Bug)
- Quiver Dance (Bug)
- Hyper Beam (Normal)


None of these are grass moves. Graveler is weak to Ground, Water, Grass, Ice, Fire, and Fighting. The discussion is whether Alder's Volcarona is overpowered. In this case, it isn't. Yes, Overheat is a Fire move, but it can only be used five times and gets weaker over time. Hyper Beam requires recharging on the next turn. I stand by my comment; if nailed while it's doing Quiver Dance on the first two turns, it has no chance to attack.

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