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I'm not even a true fan of Cricket, I just thought that it would be the most amusing theme, as I could not find enough Pokemon to suit a Kendou-based team without the Sacred Swordsmen, Samurott or Escavalier.

Dehli Daredevils Cricket Team

#1 #2 #3#4#5#6

#1 - Star Player, Conkeldurr
Powerful with the closest representation available of cricket in B2W2. Slams the ball to score all of the 6-pointers as necessary.

#2 - Cheerleader, Lilligant
Looks suitable for the part, with appropriate stats and movesets.

#3 - Mascot, Emboar
Due to the logo of the team being a flame (and a hand), any flaming Pokemon
suffices. I chose Emboar due to its appearance and easy availability in the game, however.

#4 - Band, Seismitoed
Due to somewhat limited options, I chose to use this over Sigylyph. It has a more suited moveset of sound-based moves for my team.

#5 - Fanbase, D(h)elibird Yes, the name is the exclusive reason for this decision.

#6 - Sponsor, Absol I always kind of thought that this Pokemon somewhat resembled my impressions of Indian folklore. It is for that reason that I included him.

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