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Quote originally posted by CycloneGU:
None of these are grass moves. Graveler is weak to Ground, Water, Grass, Ice, Fire, and Fighting. The discussion is whether Alder's Volcarona is overpowered. In this case, it isn't. Yes, Overheat is a Fire move, but it can only be used five times and gets weaker over time. Hyper Beam requires recharging on the next turn. I stand by my comment; if nailed while it's doing Quiver Dance on the first two turns, it has no chance to attack.

You're forgetting bug buzz. It's got 90 base power, and Volcarona has 135 special attack. Golem's special defense is 60, so I feel like Volcarona could take it out in one or two hits. And if Volcarona has gotten a couple Quiver Dance's in, then it's definitely a OHKO.

So yes, I think Volcarona's overpowered. (for reasons like that one)
Another pokemon I think is overpowered would be Cofagrigus - Ghetsis's was INCREDIBLY hard for me to take down.

And lastly, I'd say Reuniclus is overpowered. As much as I'd like it, it's just a little too intense with it's off the chart special attack, great ability and strong moves.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head but if I think of more I'll post them! ;D
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