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Originally Posted by soulavenger View Post
A big hello to all.. :classic:

Username: soulavenger


Why did you join: Ghost types are one f my two most favorite type of pokemons.Was looking for a place where I could talk and discuss about them and found your club interesting.

Answer to current topic: I found Banette's and Spiritomb's pokedex entry quite sad as both experienced extreme sadness during their life cycle.
But, Dusknoir and Cohagrigus scare the hell out of me.Especially, Dusknoir with its ability to take people to the spirit world.
Welcome SoulAvenger :3,I'll add you when I get the chance.To answer the topic,I found Gengar's pearl entry scary as hell D:. Hmm I agree with Dusknoir,the idea of a spirit world also freaked me out. I think the one that interested me but also made me feel horrible was Yanmask's.It was once a human and when it looks at it's face,it cries D:. I've been wondering how it became a Yanmask, maybe some sorceror cursed it?Oh here's Gengar's pearl entry:
Pearl Lurking in the shadowy corners of rooms, it awaits chances to steal its prey's life force. Welcome and have fun here :3!
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