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Signing up now! Don't close it!

Full Name:
Minoru Kawaguchi
* Meaning: Minoru means Fruit, or seed. Kawaguchi means Mouth of the River
Nicknames: Chik-Pea, nicknamed this because Minoru does everything with his Chikorita
Sex: Male
Age: 13

Family: Minoru is part of Divine Water
Career: Minoru and his Chikorita look after the farms, plant crops, gather and scavenge for food, as well as helping out in the fishing.

Appearance: Minoru is an interesting figure. His eyes are deep blue, blue as the oceans that surround him. His skin is fair, as while he journeys out into the sun, he and Chikorita look out for each other, and Chikorita shades him. His hair is very interesting. It seems to be brown with tints of blue at first glance but later, under close inspection, it's blue with a tint of brown! He has a graceful style, some say he seems to almost swim through the air. Everything about him screams graceful, handsome almost, except one burn. On his left hand. Although it was years ago that it happened, the mark is still there. Occasionally it seems to glow bright red and take on the tone of the sun. It is said that this happens when a member from the Sacred Fire family is very angry. He also wears simple, practical clothes, generally white except in winter, when he wears black.
Personality: Minoru is a loving, caring soul, often calm, rarely angry without cause.
History: Minoru was thought to be prince, until a year ago, when he gave up his prince-ship thing to be a simple farmer.

Skills: Minoru understands others well, he can count to 1 000 000 000 000 000 000, he treats others well, and he can relate to most people.
Flaws: When angry for a justice reason, he won't back out. If the other team had angered him for a justified reason in a game of what people in 2012 will call football, even if the score's 100-0, he wouldn't back out, no matter what the odds. Oh yeah, and furious temper.
Weapon: Minoru's preferred weapon is a scythe. Always nearby, always sharp, it is as much a tool as a deadly weapon in Minoru's hands. After the scythe, a nice, pointy stick.

Pokemon: Chikorita
Pokemon Name: Starlust, named this for he has always wanted to fly through the stars.
Pokemon Personality: Starlust shares a complete link with Minoru, and, as such, acts almost exactly the same. Graceful, calm, when angered is justified is a deadly force.
Pokemon History: Starlust has lead a pretty good life, a couple of scratches here and there from defending Minoru, oh, and a burn on his right foot's little toe.
Pokemon Specialty: Starlust specialises in a awesome solarbeam. While this is powerful, Starlust can control this and often can be seen using it to help Minoru in his work.
Pokemon Flaws: Starlust has never been able to evolve, and, like Minoru, never backs out of a fight.

Proof of Reading: Ethan shall truly learn the history of Johto after this.

Anything Else: Minoru and Starlust share a mental and physical link. When one hears something, the other hears it too. When one is in pain, so is the other. It is absolute. And they can talk to each other through this link.