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With all of that in mind, how would you define love? (this is quite broad, but it's a good way to get the mental struggle started!)
Love is a strong attraction (be it an emotional, mental, etc.), to anything that is. Obviously there's different degrees and categories, but yeah.

Can anyone define love any way they would like to ?
I would think so. Thus really no one can define it incorrectly (see below).

Can anyone define love incorrectly? (i.e. pedophilia)
No, but I think the way people perceive love can be different than others, which leads us to believe that they are wrong. What is generally accepted as the definition(s) of love may not be the same as one's own definition, and thus thought of as incorrect (social norms).

Does love involve two people?
Of course in one form, but it is certainly not limited to people, and not even necessarily two people.

People can have a love for objects or activities, pretty much anything you can think of. I would see obsession as a form of love, albeit seen as a more negative association.

In the case of people, two people can be in love, but it's definitely not limited to that. Marriage (monogamy) is limited to two people, but marriage is only one form of love (most of the time). Marriage is love, but love isn't necessarily marriage.

Does love involve certain genders/sexes?
I don't think so. An attraction to one person is not inhibited by their genitalia, (or which gender they associate with for that matter). Love is broader than the sense of just romance and marriage.

Why do we seek love?
We seek love for the same reason I think we seek pleasure. It's a feeling/state that brings us more positive sensations. Sorta what Keiran said, love really does give meaning to life. There's that old cliche that one hasn't lived until they've loved or something like that.

Not very deep analysis, but just the things that came off the top of my head. As you said love is very broad, ambiguous, etc., but that's what allows it to find it's way into everyday aspects of life.
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