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Quote originally posted by Eenet:
h ttp://

I would like to put it all on ebay. 1161 cards.
how much can I sell it all
Too many listed. Narrow that down to the ones you'd most like priced, please.

Quote originally posted by Zyzz:
Any news about my cards :(? U dont need to examine all, just ones that u think they might be worth the most.
Sorry, things have been pretty busy on my end still! My entire weekend has been taken up by a wedding.

Quote originally posted by OleGenerico:
Can someone please look at my post on page 9 and tell me how much those charizards are worth? I want them on Ebay asap, thanks.
Japanese one, $3 to $5 in the condition it's in.

English Charizard $15 to $20.

Quote originally posted by kevster25:
How much is my Fossil deck Golem worth? well, i think it is fossil, it has a bone-like hand that has 3 long fingers and a thumb, but, im still a little new to the cardgame so, yea, how much is it?
$0.10 at best.

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