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Originally Posted by Bilaterus View Post
Yeah! I'm so glad it worked! Sorry about that link though and I'm sorry you had to delete some of your ROMs.

I'm happy it worked out for the best, just remember this feeling of acheivementn next time your stuck on a script or anything!

By the looks and sounds of your ROM and your persistence I better be the first one to test it ForYouu! (See what I did there?

If you need any more help feel free to ask me, but I'm sure these forums pretty much cover everything you need to know

I sure will,

Ooh, guess what just happened. Training in Victory Road prior to Elite Four (Heart Gold) and I just got a shiny Golbat


Actually, I do have something to ask, two things actually.

1. Do you know how to change the "Pokemon Fire Red" to something of my choosing?


2. You know the credits at the very start of the game, not the Game Freak Logo but the 1996-20xx, do you know how to change that to whatever I want?

Thanks for your time It's much appreciated again.

Also, like my sig?
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