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It's been a long time since I posted. And I totally wasn't saving my post for right before the one month mark again because I found I can't bump a thread more than once.

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Do you think it was a good idea for Iris to capture the roughneck Dragonite?
I think it was a great idea. It might seem a bit strange because she doesn't have one in the games. But the anime and games aren't quite the same, and they both sort of show possibilities in both. For all I know, maybe game Iris has a Dragonite and it's just in her Box 1. Also, Dragonite is still, after all these generations, one of my favourite Dragon Pokemon. And is a Pokemon that really fits Iris because in the anime she's a really big fan of cute. Also, I think it's a really get way to help show her developing into a more powerful trainer on the level she is in the games.

In fact Iris of the anime and Iris of the games are pretty well matched at this point. That is, of course, Iris of the anime is still far weaker in comparison. But Iris of the anime is far closer to Iris of the game as a trainer in many ways more fitting than anime counterparts often exists to their games. Especially for Ash/Satoshi's companions who have never been as strong as Iris. Dragonite is a really interested step in bridging that huge gap. Also, I like how anime Iris, and game Iris, are matched by both having non-Dragon Pokemon.

In the anime, you have Emolga. In the games... game... well....
Speaking of which, I think I'd like to see Iris in the anime catch a Lapras in the future. Or some ice or water/ice type. It'd be cool to see her get over her fear of ice types.

It is true though how I wish Dragonite acted less, I don't know... "roughneck" around Iris. And I probably would have enjoyed seeing her catch a loving Dratini more myself. But it's still not bad, in my opinion.
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