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Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Since when were we talking about Alder's lame untrained unEVed no good moveset Volcarona? o.O
I believe it wasn't me who brought it up:

Quote originally posted by Psystar63:
Chandelure and Volcarona. Facing off against them in the E4 is a pain. Volcarona especially. Lv 77 and knowing Overheat and Quiver Dance? Definitely overpowered. Like Forever mentioned, when it comes to beating Alder's Volcarona, you mostly have to hope that he decides to use Quiver Dance unnecessarily, giving you some sort of chance to strike back with a Rock-type attack. There's a reason why I've only managed to beat Alder 4 times, and that's because of Volcarona.
Luckily, it is a Bug/Fire type. I'm sure a powered up Archeops would be able to take it out with one hit.
I responded to this message initially. Of course if he was smart to give it Giga Drain, he'd have you covered with Graveler.

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