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Originally Posted by Iloveeevee View Post
What is your favorite background story of an individual Legendary Pokemon & why?

After watching The Rise of Darkai for PCX Movie Nights, Darkai's story is the most interesting to me. I've always thought of Darkai as a "bad" Pokemon who gave everyone nightmares. After watching the movie, I got to see a different side to Darkai. Even though he does give nightmares to both people and Pokemon, he isn't "bad", just misunderstood.
You're right. But it still didn't trust beside outside of Alicia/Alice, whichever names were to whom, can't remember the order x) Not all Darkrai's would be the same as that one though.

Quite frankly, I'm a little disappointed that they never had a movie for/about Cresselia or have a Darkrai vs Cresselia one. I mean so far, they had a movie involving all the bigger, rarer & stronger Legendary Pokemon so far. I mean yes, Cresselia was in the introduction in a couple, but that's not enough x) Heatran too?

Of course, the Lake Guardians haven't been in any either, I haven't seen the Arceus movie yet), & neither has Ho-Oh. I'm actually quite curious on what the "Final" movie series of Pokemon will be to be honest. I wonder if all of these Legendary Pokemon will come together as one to fend off the biggest threat the world has yet to face? I'd like to see that, then again they could mess up the story on that part x)