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Hi there everyone,

I would like to say first that i love the Pokemon games i have great memories of my first ever one (blue) and i thought that black was very good indeed.

However too often for my liking battles are decided due to you hitting super effective hits or just because you pokemon is a higher level. This is completely different than in the TV series as we are told that the bond with your pokemon makes it stronger and often the gm leaders that expect ash to use the type advantage are able to counteract it with a good strategy.

So my main point is that if you added in so extra features such as "counter attacking" or being able to use you moves on the environment around you for different effects, maybe even a bar that shows the bond between you and your pokemon (the better the bond the better the pokemon) the battles would become much more than just selecting your strongest attack or occasionally putting the foe asleep.

This is just my view! i would love to hear what you guys think :D
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