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Lucy - Oreburgh City
Lucy took a moment to glance at Creed and Ryan. Ryan was... grenades? What? The concept of a grenade was more or less lost on her. This was a girl who could sponge attacks from /other pokespirit wielders/. Logic said grenades were about as effective as effective as synchronized dance, plausibly less-so. She noted that it smelled yummy though~ Cue Lucy eating a grenade Regardless, she softened up and released a sigh as Amethyst once again wandered. She worried about that girl.

Meanwhile, Amethyst picked the book back up. This time Lucy became intrigued. What was this book? What did it say? Heck if she knew! /She couldn't read!/ Illiteracy wasn't exactly uncommon, albeit books did have value and reading was still a valuable skill, especially among the adults. Books offered insight into medicine, an escape from reality, insight into the past, all sorts of things that one could find value in. The art was never truly lost. She however... had little ability to read, even as she watched Amethyst from above as the other moved over next to her. A moment of sympathy filled her. It was brief, however. Sympathy wouldn't help them survive, and neither would diddly dawdling. Thus, after a moment, she spoke up.

"...Hey, Amethyst? Can you read while walking? I really don't want to stay here..." she admitted in a tone completely lacking harshness, distrust, or even distance. She then turned to the others and cleared her throat. "Mmm... we should get moving!" she called out in an authoratative voice, glancing at Ryan in particular, and at Creed. "...if you still want to follow" she continued, in a tone that suggested she didn't understand why anyone would want to stay here. Even ignoring how filthy and lonely it was, bandits would have no issue waltzing in here, meaning they might use it for a camp and use whomever they /find/ there as...--Well... one was best off not finding out. She hesitated a moment before continuing. "...Let me know if any of ya' need anything..." she admitted in a rather distant tone. Being around Amethyst was... weakening her survivalist attitude.

This did not however stop her from becoming very serious when Ryan threatened and attempted to make a move on Creed. How many attacks had they suffered today? For crying out loud all she wanted to do was move! Couldn't they behave long enough to get anything done?! ...Geez she really was starting to sound old. Regardless, Lucy just sort of shifted her weight forward and grabbed his tail along it's base, regardless of if the heat singed her. As a person, she was kind of a tank despite her somewhat unintimidating girlish figure.

"Stop..." she said in a very authoritive tone, glancing at Creed silently before turning her attention back to Ryan and continuing in a slightly more relaxed tone. "...If you're going to /fight/ eachother, just don't bother following me." she stated, tone revealing her inner frustration somewhat. After a moment she would let go however, and proceed right on walking assuming she wasn't tackled or otherwise stopped in response.

A book! - Right in the palms of Amethyst's hands
Meanwhile, the book Amethyst had obtained and chosen to read was titled... wait. This book didn't have a title! Upon closer inspection, it was a /diary/, or a journal of some sort! The page Amethyst opened to read as followed, albeit summarized:

"...The committee officially mandated an evacuation of Oreburgh today. I don't know what to write. It feels like the world is coming down around us. Arnold, my neighbor, was murdered yesterday in the middle of a bandit raid. I believe they originated from Pastoria but they came from the north... I fear they attacked Celestic Town not long ago. That is only the beginning of our problems however. There is not enough food for everyone. The committee won't give us answers. I fear they have none to give. Our own people are turning against us for survival. But... why? Why did Pokemon abandon us? It is as if the gods themselves have condemned our continued existence."

A line of text was scratched out and illegible. Tehre wasn't much to suggest it was all that important.

"I don't know what to do. The committee says that the bandits are too strong, that the only way to survive is to hide. I guess a city is pretty easy to find, but it feels as if all hope is waning. To think that we supposedly lived in a perfect world back then. Now all I ever hear is about the newest horrible deed to be done each morning."

...End Page.
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