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Spark yawned and rubbed her eyes. "But I'm not sleepy." Come on Spark, you must be tired from all the games. Spark remembered the game she was playing and said, "Energy" before going to sleep. She was fast asleep in no time.

Spark had nightmares about lightning, terrible storms, and monsters. In her dream she was lost in a city and was looking for her toy that she had lost. There was nobody in the town and she felt dreadfully lonely. "Aria," she called, she called for the motherly voice, and the funny voice but there was no answer. As she walked she saw broken toy all over the time, she wondered who's toys they were and who broke them. She saw another girl, standing on a pile of toys, trains, stitched dolls, and wooden swords piled under her. Spark called out to the girl who was cloaked.

The girl turned toward her, glaring with purple eyes, she was holding Spark's toy. Spark was ever so glad to see it and tried climbing the mound, but no matter what she couldn't and when she looked up the girl tore Spark's toy in half. They toy was a doll who looked just like Spark but with shorter hair. Suddenly a storm began, there was rain, strong winds, thunder, and lightning. Spark could barely stand up and lightning struck all around her, she looked up at the cloaked girl again who only grinned evilly and was struck by lightning.

Spark woke up screaming shrilly. She was sweating and her heart was racing. She looked around, numerous trees were broken, branches were torn off and laying in flames on the ground. Clearly lightning had been striking while she slept. Spark looked around at the damage, fearfully. She stood up and picked a purple flower that a branch had fallen on and began crying.
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