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Clare and Kale
Kale looked at his claws, poking them with his index finger, "Whoah, you really are an honest to goodness demon, who is your witch?"

Clare looked at Kale confusedly, "What do you mean Witch Summers? I thought witches controlled things like fire and water." Clare didn't completely understand the concept because she hadn't gone to school.

"Yeah they taught us in cultures class, shadow witches are able to reach into the unnatural and summon powerful allies, they aren't really demons I guess, but they fit the mythical demon to the dot." Kale had never seen a demon before, nor a witch and was quiet interested. "I must say, you guys are quiet rare, considering shadow witches are generally insane psychopaths, or anti-social."

Clare sighed, "I apologize, we forgot our manners. We play anything, but they're having us play rock music as the opening acts. It is unfortunate that you don't know any other bands here, I'd love to get to know other musicians." Clare thought for a moment, "Exactly how strong are you and you're, uh master or is it partner?" Clare wasn't looking for a fight but wanted to know for future reference.
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