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"Yeah just ask sparky to simer down. Oh don't even think I didn't see you. I'll admit whatever still has him agitated has me lost. I think my explaination is rather thurough. Unless of course he has changed trainers. That seems to change pokemon a lot. Though he really wants to blow of some steam Zariant or Blade... actually yes I'd think Blade could suffice. After all this is meant to be training not battling. So to be honest he's the best pick. Isaac you can return to whatever it is you were doing. I'll see to it soon." Jason said.

He pulled a safari ball. off his belt and had it ready incase the girl's scizor accepted. Isaac did have Ace return to doing tunnel laps with dig.

"So scissors' you want to test you metal?" Jason taunted.

(just dont take that last line the wrong way. It's just something to initiate combat.)
The hearth always feels warmer after long absence.
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