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Originally Posted by AdrianD View Post
Has anyone been able to fix a pokemon team say from gen four or even 5 w/o having to start over. I am soo annoyed with my team. I release a few of them because they just sucked. Ones I got are EV trained. I ponder if they are well ev trained even if I follow the numbers. Any rebuilding advice is appreciated
Do you mean start the game over? Or start with a brand new team?
Because yes on both accounts.
I had my in-game team and just blasted through like that, then when they were good enough to take on the E4 and the daily sports arena's I introduced one new Pokemon at a time.
IV bred, EV trained and now they're all between level 69 and 94.

Basically it's introduce one new member at a time until it is strong enough to replace a current member.