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Quote originally posted by Garet:
I believe I may have time for this roleplay. I do have a couple questions, though. Where do the people of each family usually spend their time? Is the top of the plateau foresty at this time in history, or what?
No, the New Moon Festivals are celebrated there. Refer to the map in the original Post to see the territory lines. The homes of the families are towers that are clearly noticeable. One on the island, and one in a clearing.

Quote originally posted by NightOfRemorse:
I'll be bunnying Hikari in my next post, then :]

A few pointers on what she and Masashi could do once they get home would be nice, lol.
Actually, I was hoping you'd put Addie to bed with your next post, and you can go ahead and start the morning.

Also, Kitsuko isn't going to sleep on that pile of clothes. Addie is going to wake up with the little girl tucked in her arms.