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Time for a real update!

-Cynthia's evil twin brother, Cyanide, set out on a journey to prove himself stronger than his sister, the regional Champion, with nothing but a pair of eggs.
-The first egg hatched into a Feebas, weak and pathetic, but in time a powerful Pokemon.
-The second egg hatched into a Spiritomb, the very embodiment of evil.
-After stealing a Pokedex and proceeding to Jubilife city, he ran into a curious fellow with yellow hair named Barry. Cyanide crushed Barry without even trying with his Spiritomb.
-Cyanide also stole a Poketch...
-What happened next was a series of one sided fights until reaching Oreburgh City.
-While exploring the Mines, Cyanide stumbled upon the Gym Leader of Oreburgh City. In order to challenge the champ, he would need the badge from Roark.
-After taking the badge and burning the Gym to the ground, Cyanide decided to rest.


Lvl 13, Quiet
-Faint Attack
-Confuse Ray
-Shadow Sneak

Lvl 11, Docile


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