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Originally Posted by M4 View Post
Despite Pokemon becoming a pastime for people outside of Japan, from little children to old creepy men, Pokemon is still regarded as a game you shouldn't buy unless you're under the age of 12 or you just lack friends that would normally draw private parts on your face if you ever pass out during a party.

So when the day BW2 comes out in English. Would you become a man with over 9000 testosterone and face the cashier and say, "Can I buy Pokemon White 2?", or will you wear your antisocial hoodie, pull the strings on the hoodie until you look like Kenny from South Park, and confront the cashier with a Post-it on your palm saying "Can I buy that game called Pokemon Black 2?".

I'm interested to hear yours.
In my country I don't think we need excuses, we have made it pretty much a trend without mattering age. I am the type of dude that is seen as a party animal while i wear my pokewalker or on the tip of my guitar, or demential pilot due to attaching my pokewalker to my airplane so the vibrations in flight would get me even more steps when not walking. So I'm sure ill just go and be like "I WANT BOTH!! >=D!!" In my college when HG/SS came out everyone weared pokewalkers, so did people at hangouts hehe. We made a community for my country with over 2000 fans and it keeps going up, most of them are from 16 to 27 years old. Wierd eh?

80% of Competitive Pokémon players in my country are over 20s xD!
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