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(On the horror aspect. I have to say that it is amazing! Can't wait to see what happens!)

Jack Davis - Hero's Loft

Jack soon enough entered the hotel and gave a quick look around. He was actually missing sleeping in a building for once! It was always a relief to find a hotel in the city to sleep in and not have to bother about mother nature sending storms or other surprises his way. Here in the hotel he would be much safer and not have to worry about repels or anything! It would be at least a relaxed night for him and it would just be rather fun to see what the hotel had to offer. He knew there would be some activities for pokemon or they could just sit in his room and watch some movies and he could see some news, although he wasn't sure if he could actually see any news since the island was cut off from the other regions. Hopefully there were movies that he could watch on demand.

Alpha looked around with a smile, it was nice to be in a air conditioned place and it meant that no dirt would get on his pendulum and thus he wouldn't have to clean it so often. That was a plus.

Since Jack already had a room he made his way to the elevator and pressed the button patiently waiting for the elevator.
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