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Lucia Francisco Bernavard

Lucia nodded, "I know it's one on one, I always need a guardian present." She explained to the man. "It is just part of Red Legion training on Roberto's account, besides, he wouldn't battle if he knew that Samuel would not be here to at least keep me safe should he be knocked out."

Roberto on the meanwhile glanced over at Blade and took a quick glance over the Scyther. He could just tell this would be a battle he wouldn't be winning. He turned to Lucia and pointed his claw down to the ground and Lucia nodded, "Roberto can tell your Scyther is strong. He may very well be knocked out, but he will do his best." She said.

Samuel sat next to Lucia and looked at the Scizor, "Roberto, don't get too overcautious." The Absol advised. Lucia smiled, "As to advise, Roberto will know what to do. He will be knocked out, but he will just do what his strict training has taught him to do." She explained as she sat down next to Samuel and stroked along his back.

Roberto glanced at Blade before nodding, "Aye. I am your opponent. I can already see I won't last long against you. Still, I will do my best and put my training to the test." He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, "I am ready." He said as he tensed up his body.
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