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5. Charizard- An all time favorite. Charizard was a force to be reckon'd with in Kanto and its appearance did nothing but enforce that even more. The Giant Flaming Lizard with wings could scare most pokemon just by looking at it. Add some claws and the ability to engulf the air in flames and you have one of the best designed pokemon.

4. Ninetails- Another fire type. This one though has more of a regal more elegant feel to it. Ninetails, though having intimidating power, has the look of a creature from mythology that even with its noble appearance, brought a force to be reckon'd with and lands it at No.4 for me.

3 Tropius- How could one not love the flying grass type dinosaur. Though many dinosaurs (and pokemon with the look of dinosaurs) often look ferocious, Tropius has more of a calm, gentle, look even with its massive size. The grass type has 2 sets of huge wings made out of giant palm leaves that add on to this already impressive pokemon. Add some deadly fruit on its neck, and you have No.3 on my list.

2 Lucario- Ahhh Lucario, the Aura Pokemon. There are few who fit the role of a hero better than Lucario. Its noble stature and its warrior like appearance are just the beginning of what make this warrior amazing. For starters, Lucario has spikes sticking out all over it, the dream of any 10 year old boy, including one sticking right out the center of his chest. Plus fangs, a projectile use of Aura, and the ability to summon a bone to use as its sword at any time, and he makes No.2! Who might be better you ask?

1 Gallade- Gallade might! My number one favorite pokemon is one based mainly on its appearance, though that's not all. As another fighting type, he too resembles the build of a warrior, but not your typical dueler. Gallade has an appearance that can be described as Royal with the blades that make up its arms and the looks of a battle helmet that covers his head. This pokemon brings fear into an opponents eyes just by staring at it, though Gallade still remains one of the most noble pokemon known, making him my No.1!!!
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