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Quote originally posted by Alternative:
I honestly don't know how to feel about the Ace Attorney v Professor Layton game. It doesn't seem like puzzles and lawyers mix well together. I mean, so long as they throw Gumshoe in it should be fine, but idk.
I doubt they'll throw Gumshoe in though; Phoenix and Maya went on a trip abroad, y'know. But... maybe he'll show up for the sake of investigating? Who knows! But I think it'll be more Phoenix-style because of the courts and such. Layton might be there just to tie up a few loose ends and solve mysteries.

By the way, here's the official box art (it's a little big):

Quote originally posted by Alternative:
Actually there is something I've been meaning to ask. Regarding GS5, what are some of the things you're looking for in this game? Innovative gameplay, anything about Apollo, Trucy etc.
I do hope Apollo and Trucy will have some kind of cameo. Then again, it's still sort of unclear on what this game's main plot will be yet, so, I can only hope that it'll be something that has to do with Apollo and Trucy, but we'll see. I hope that the Magatama and Bracelet will be back, and... other than that? Not much - I prefer ~this~ style of Ace Attorney, without the overworld sprites from Ace Attorney Investigations. (but AAI is still good).

Miiiind if I throw in a question?
What are your favourite quotes?

Mine is this one right here:


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