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This is what I have so far.

Name: Edaan Heeraan
Nickname: Iron-Hand
Age: 22
Race: Goron

Weapon: 6 foot Spear in right hand,4 foot sword in place of his left hand that he lost while battling Bulbins. He has various attachments that he can put on it such as an axe blade or a metal hand. It depends on the moment.

Perks: Edaan dabbles slightly in explosives. He can use bombs with some proficiency. He has powerful arm muscles from wielidng large weapons in his hand and sword arm. He has powerful leg muscles that allow him to charge at great speeds. His massive arm muscles that allow him to lift insanely heavy objects. He is very elegant on the battlefield, and when he is in the middle of an enemy horde it looks as if he is doing a deadly waltz. He is surprisingly nimble for a huge Goron. He is impervious to fire. His skin is tougher than stone. He is also proficient at forging with iron and steel.

Faults: Despite his frightening build, he can not wear heavy armor. Lugging around a heavy sword on your arm and an even heavier spear can get tiring, believe it or not. He is very clumsy when he isn't "dancing". He's of average intellegence. He isn't a genius, but he isn't stupid. He has only one hand so he can only carry things in the hand unless he acquires a metal hand that could replace it. Edaan doesn NOT communicate very well with others.

Appearance: Edaan is enormous, even for a Goron. He stands at ten feet and weighs three thousand pounds. Heedaan has abnormally dark skin for a Goron: Dark red. His back is coverd in the rocky scales like most Goron's. His arms are monstrous and are thicker than a normal Hylian's torso. His legs are only three feet off the ground, which means his torso makes up seven feet of his body. He never wears armor because it slows him down, and he is surprising nimble for a Goron. Edaan's red eyes shine brighter than the lava he learned to ignore in his city. The monsterous Goron has one natural hand and one metal hand that can be switched out with a sword that screws on as well as an axe-head. The only thing he carries is a satchel that includes the axe-head and sword blade that he can attach to his hand, many bombs, and spare metal that he forges with. It ways almost two hundred pounds.

Personality: Edaan is a solitary soul. He does not interact with other people very well, for he studders when he talks and he is very awkward. When he actually initiates a conversation, it's about an upcoming battle or talking strategy with a fellow warrior. People could be shouting his name right next to him and he won't hear it. He seldom speaks unless he is in battle...and it wouldn't be called speaking. He shouts challenges at his opponents at the top of his lungs, which in turn shatters their ear drums. Iron Hand has a kind spirit, a warrior's heart, and a soldier's mind.

History: (What did you go through to get here? What happened before now?)

Password: All hail Vaati

Proof of Loyalty: (How do I know you aren't going to abandon the RP or just leave PC entirely?) I would never abandon PC. I may be absent for a few days, but I'll get a post in whenever possible.

RP Sample: (This can be as short or as long as you desire. Explain what you were doing on the day you stumbled into the dimensional rip, and how you ended up being sucked into it.)
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