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I'd like to start off by saying that if this is in the wrong place, or just shouldn't exist in general, I'm sorry.


With World Championships over, the world now looks to the newest metagame, the BW-On meta. This thread is here to help new and old players alike navigat through a new metagame.

Deck List

This list will be growing with each new deck that is released. I would love to have people write a review for each deck and submit it so that it can be viewed. As far as decklists go, please only include cards that are necessary in the deck. Afterwards a "recommended list" can be put on, with cards that can work in the deck so that players can pick through and come up with the combination of cards that will work. Please feel free to reserve a deck if you'd like to do it, or feel free to suggest one that's not listed (I'm not perfect.)


Cards that are always in the deck:

3 Darkrai EX
3-1-3 Hydreigon (NV 79)
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Max Potion
4 Dark Patch
4 Blend Energy
8 Dark Energy
34 Guaranteed Cards

Optional Cards: 26
Decks will almost always contain these cards, the number depends on the player. Try different amounts of these until you find a combination that works well for you.

Professor Juniper: You usually will want at least 2 of these in the deck.
N: N is commonly run as a 4 of, but some decks will use less.
Ultra Ball: Another great 2-3 of.
Level Ball: This card will depend a lot on which support 'mons you choose. It can be useful for pulling the likes of Zwelious or Sableye
Bianca: This one can be left out sometimes, if you run it, only run 1-2.
Rare Candy: This is always in the deck, as it is essential for Hydreigon. It was left off the list because you may either run 2 or 3 of them.
Random Receiver: This card is just generally useful. Run as many as you think you'll need.
Eviolite: This card is fairly useful, however, its use really kind of stops at Darkrai.

Mewtwo EX: Is there a deck this card doesn't splash into? 1 is usually enough, as you can just Ultra Ball it, or you may choose to go for 2 if you'd like.
Sableye: This guy must be in your deck, however it comes down to the number needed. 2 is pretty standard, but it can use more or less.
Shaymin EX: Terrakion is a major pain for this deck, so if you don't feel like wasting 2 Dark Energies to Dragonblast it away with Hydreigon, try this guy.
Giratina EX: This is a pretty powerful hitter, but it requires 2 Blend Energies to attack.
Emolga: If you're not familiar with this little guy, get familiar with it.
Sigilyph: Use this if you're afraid of EX's. Typically Mewtwo is better, but Sigy is useful as a counter to Mewtwo and Mew.

Darkrai/Hydreigon is a very effective deck that focuses on choosing the right moment to attack. Darkrai's Night Spear deals 90 damage to the opponent, as well as hitting the bench for 30. The main reason this deck is amazing is that Darkrai allows Pokemon to retreat for free if they have a Dark Energy attached to them, and Hydreigon allows energy to be moved around. This also gives the deck the ability to spam Max Potion, sacrificing a Sableye to bring two of them back to the hand. This is a very solid choice if you are looking for a deck.


Cards that are always in the deck:

4-4 Eelectric
2 Raikou EX

4 Professor Juniper
4 N
2 Skyarrow Bridge
4 Switch
4 Pokemon Catcher
9 Lightning Energy

37 Guaranteed Cards

Optional Cards: 23
Decks will almost always contain these cards, the number depends on the player. Try different amounts of these until you find a combination that works well for you.

Level Ball: You always have to have 2-4 of these in the deck. They help grab the Eels that are needed to make the deck run.
Ultra Ball: Another card that must be in the deck. Always run 2-4 of these
Cheren: Great for its draw ability. Running 1-2 of these is usually beneficial.
Random Receiver: Generally another useful card. Running 1-2 of these will help.
Max Potion: This card is fairly useful because of the nature of the deck. Eels will return energy from your discard, so it shouldn't be a problem with a Skyarrow down.
Revive: This should only be run as a 1-2 of. This is based on which primary attacker you choose.
Tool Scrapper: This is another generally useful card. Running 1-2 of these can help your deck.
Eviolite: Again this is useful based on your primary attacker.
Zekrom/EX or Rayquaza/EX: This is who your primary attacker will be. You can run Zekrom and run DCE or you can run Rayquaza with Fire Energy. Whichever your primary attacker is will influence the build of the deck, but the cards that are listed above will always be in either deck.
Emolga: This is a useful set up card, and can help get your basic Pokemon out. If you want to use it, 2 is a standard amount.

Eels is another great deck. The deck will usually feature either Zekrom or Rayquaza as the primary attacker who will use Eelectric's ability to get energy. Rayquaza gets free retreat with Skyarrow Bridge, but Zekrom is a little bit more predictable. If you're looking for a deck that's fairly easy to run, this could be the deck for you.


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