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Originally Posted by ProjectMisfit View Post
Hello everyone! I'm a videogame commentator from youtube, as well as a retro gamer! I've been a pokemon fanboy since it came on the first time in the US, and I still am an addict to the series. I also love playing rom hacks that other people come up with! Well.. My name's Aiden, too. Forgot to type that first. x3

Sineater out.
Hi Aiden, welcome to PC.

You have definitely come to the right place, cos we have loads of friendly members and lots of boards to keep you entertained. In fact, we have one of largest ROM hacking community of any Pokemon forum. I may be terrible at hacking, but that doesn't stop me from welcoming you aboard!

I might take you to the Emulation section since we have everything you need to know about all emulation-related stuff over there, such as ROM Hacking and the Hacks Showcase. You'll definitely love it over there. Just remember to read the rules before you post there, OK?

Since you're here, you should also start your journey at the PC Adoption Center where you sign a simple application form and our friendly mod Cirno will find a mentor for you based on a section of your choice. There is a catch for seeking Emulation mentors though, they are only there to show you around, find the tools and recommend hacks for you. Just keep in mind they aren't there to help with your hacks.

Anyways, enjoy your stay and feel free to VM me or a moderator if you need any questions!

- Hikari10
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