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How fast a child grows up is, not entirely but mostly, up to their parents. A mother or father has absolutely no say in what their child does outside of home. They can't watch them 24/7, it's just not possible. Kid's look to their parents for guidance sure, but the other kids they hang out with are ultimately going to decide what they get up to. While there are a lot of kids in today's society that go out and drink, do drugs and have underage sex, it's not as if that didn't happen 40 years ago because it did, just on a lesser scale.

As for technology, I really don't see how having an iPod at 7 years old means they're growing up too fast. Like Syd said, when I was a little kid I had a N64 and a PS1, it was still technology. Parents can limit what kids can get up to on their phones and such. Shouldn't deny kids the technology we have in today's world because they're young, that's crap. Kids are better with technology than most adults anyway.

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