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@Strikit - I can imagine, still a challenging character is often quite fun to write for, I'll look forward to what you come up with. In any case Mara fits this setting perfectly. (I'm an animal lover too, Pokémon death will be tricky)

@Kranic - Right, I knew I forgot to mention something. Just like the adrenaline shots mentioned in the first post, in this setting there's also an injection you can give your Pokémon for immediate evolution. They're incredibly expensive, but maybe your character could get their hands on one somehow? Same goes for Despondency who was lucky enough to get the same diceroll.

As for meeting with the professor is probably more pop in, pop out. As mentioned in the rules you may meet with other roleplayers at any time in the roleplay doing a joined post and this is no exception. Meeting up with others is really on your own discretion in this roleplay.

Also feel free to play with the setting yourself.

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