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I’d say there’d be a fairly wide range of Pokémon around where I live.

Since I live in an ex-sword making village which borders an ex-iron mining town, there would probably be a couple of steel-types, most likely Pawniard and Aron.

With the rivers and the ridiculous amount of rain, there’d be quite a few water-types. Since frogs and toads are pretty abundant, Poliwag’s and Tympole’s families would be pretty common. A few Psyduck wouldn’t be unusual either. We don’t get too many fish, but there would probably be the odd Magikarp or Goldeen, with a couple of Gyarados in the nearby reservoir. There would also be a few bugs, like Surskit, Masquerain and Yanma, who live around water, and also bat Pokémon like Zubat and Woobat.

There are plenty of forests, so bug-types and grass-types should be pretty abundant. Lotad would be common around the water; Pineco would be fairly common too. Butterfly and moth Pokémon would be very common, along with their caterpillar forms, plus some Combee, Ledyba and Beedrill during the warmer weather. I doubt Shroomish or Foongus would be rare, given that there are plenty of fungi around. We also have a few deer, so Deerling and Sawsbuck would be around too. Hoppip’s family would be pretty common, with the amount of dandelion we get.

There’s some pretty varied bird life around, so there would be plenty of flying-types too. My neighbours have a problem with crows, so there would be Murkrow along with the common Pidgey, Pidove, Tailow and Starly. There would likely be a fair few Hoothoot, too.

That’s all I can think of right now when it comes to Pokémon around my area, apart from the obvious.
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