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Originally Posted by Shdwj View Post
I just hope this Ace Attorney 5 isn't simply a game that will bridge the gap between Trials and Tribulations and Apollo Justice. As much as I loved Apollo Justice, I would really like to see more Phoenix after this game as well. But anyway, Ace Attorney 6 will be a long while from now. I'm just glad to see Wright back.

As for a favorite quote...I wish I could choose one, but it's been so long since I played the game. :< Although the judge had to be the funniest character in the game, in my opinion.
I'm hoping the game acts somewhat like the first one did, having some sort of hidden cliffhanger or something, maybe starting something up with Kokone's past. I kinda want to see Franziska again, so hoping she appears in it.

As for favourite quotes, "Look, a ladder!" will always be one of my favourites because let's face it, you have to bear with the cultural differences and all. I did like how they swapped it around with Apollo Justice, and Trucy saying how it's a step-ladder instead. Also all of the panty jokes in AJ, with one being something like "The courtroom were more focused on the panties than the case" or something like this, and I also found this which I found to be quite funny.

No, it obviously fell from the bottom of the airplane you caught in that case with boobies and borginians.

If I had to go with coolness factor or anything, Klavier takes that one. "Achtung, baby! Today we play it my way."