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this is a good team. It may be personal preference but I think that using an iron plate swords dance scizor and switching rotom-w to a chesto rest variant would really help in putting offensive pressure on this team. if you run a scizor set with u-turn swords dance bullet punch roost with a spread of 248 HP / 96 Atk / 164 SDef iron plate and an adamant nature then you can bluff a choice band set. this allows you to put offensive pressure on your opponent early on by using u-turn until scizor's counters are weakened which can work excellently with spikes. the same idea works with chesto rest rotom-w as well, that can run a set of volt switch hydro pump will-o-wisp rest with a spread of 236 HP / 56 SAtk / 216 Spe and a modest nature. I feel that you could use a dedicated slot to a better scarf pkmn. Moxie Heracross is actually really cool and very potent especially on teams like this. It might be worth a shot over keldeo as it can work very well with spikes