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Thanks so much for the tutorial, for a while I was using Autodesk 3ds Max 8... which I have actually learned how to use some of it's functions except for assigning new material to a newly added polygon... which I'd really like to learn how to do that.

As far as I'm concerned... I have fixed the material on Nuvema Town after importing the .obj into 3ds Max 8 and got it's textures working correctly, just by simply going to material editor, which is that box with the four coloured balls on it. Once you've opened it, in where it says "Self-Illumination"... click on the square on the right, then double click bitmap and select the texture you'd like, then click "Show Map in Viewport", which has an icon that looks like a cube with squares on it.

However... I've tried that with a newly added polygon and it doesn't work, if someone is able to tell me before I learn how to, I would be greatly appreciated.

Anyways, if anyone is trying to extract the model data of a map in Black/White or Black2/White2, you will have to use a hex editor for it and your intelligence. First you start off at where it says in the text "BMD0", which is the title of the BMD0 header, then select the bytes all the way down to where there is Euro cent symbols in the text, once you get there, look in the hexadecimal bytes area... and look for a "20 00 20", if you find it... stop the selection before those bytes, 'cause that area marks the header for (what I assume is) the movement permissions. After you've done that... copy those bytes and paste them onto a new file and save it as .nsbmd.
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