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Left side definitely, and I say this despite my occasional fan fiction piece (which mostly involve my character Lisa involved in car chases and shootouts as opposed to anything that remotely resembles artistic literature xD) and my plummeting grades through grad school.

I still consider myself very analytical and I do enjoy working with the numbers. I've got degrees in math and finance and enjoy dabbling in that. I also enjoy messing around with computers and science. As further proof of me being squarely a left-brain person, as a kid I would much rather read IRS income tax publications than children's books.

As for art (right side brain) stuff, I do enjoy taking in some forms of art (mostly 80's music and anime style drawings, so I don't know if that counts, lol) but I've never been a fan of "high art", literature or anything like that, so I am definitely not the artistic type.

I'm fine with being a left-brainer. I think it adds a bit of uniqueness to who I am.

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