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Originally Posted by Rambagos View Post
Interesting. I would like to join this club

Username : Rambagos
Partner Pokemon : Bastiodon & Ferrothorn
Answer to current topic:
Who is your favorite Steel type legendary?
My favorite Steel type Pokè legendary definetly Dialga. Like everyone said, Dialga are pretty strong and fair design. It's cry also awesome in Anime and games. I love it! <3

Who is your Least favorite Steel Type legendary?
Well, I do believe Heatran so ugly. But Forretress name aren't good. Again, Forretress body looks more strange and mysterious. What is inside his shell? And how did Forretress can fly? Strange-strange-strange! And I thought Heatran more usable for battler than Forretress. So, my least favorite steel Pokèmon at this time are Forretress.
Hello Rambagos, and welcome to the club! Remember to try out your Steel-type knowledge with the quiz!

As for the current topic, I'd have to agree with you with Dialga and Heatran. Dialga is one epic Pokemon with a unique type combination. It's design has got to be one of my favourites, as well as its cry. Plus it's signature move Roar of Time is absolutely amazing. You don't mess with the Temporal Pokemon! XD
Also, Primal Dialga was pretty awesome in PMD:Explorers of Time and Darkness.
I really don't like Heatran's type combination. Fire and Steel just makes it more susceptible to Ground-type moves like Earthquake. And its base Defense is only 106- even more likely that Earthquake is bound to KO it in one go.
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