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"Scyyyy?" 'Seriously? You're her body guard? what the hell do you need to protect her from? Especially here.' Blade asked, 'Oh and normally I would do ladies first, but of course in this case we'll just do it with you.'

Ace also overheard the conversation. He had a similar opinion to the scyther, but he saw it as even more of a joke. If this girl was in need of such protection get a real person to be the body guard, or just have normal pokemon with a basic sense of respect for their trainer. Ace knew that any of his brethren would lay down their lives for Isaac. Professional training wouldn't mean anything if they weren't willing to do it. Not to mention their adaptability would out class standardized methods.

"Scry ry ryth" 'Another thing I meant to say, I've dodged aerial ace and shock wave.' Blade taunted.

(note yellow has said all the auto hit moves are just VERY accurate in thsi)

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