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Welcome to the club~! (though I don't exactly think Godot is all that scruffy, haha).

And oh man - the ace attorney movie is in theaters? I haven't heard anything about that here.. ;-; I should see it someday, haha.

Quote originally posted by Shdwj:
Woo. Lucky you! Hope you enjoy it. :>

Yes, I would also like to see a cliffhanger of some kind. Guarantee to me that Wright will be back, Capcom. :3

Has anyone tried the online trial maker on here?:

I would want to make a trial. Right when I come up with a good plot. Some pretty fun stuff.
Yeah I did once; but I didn't finish. D= I also tried one of those custom cases; Mia was the main character and I was representing this guy that everyone wanted dead... I guess.

Quote originally posted by bobandbill:
And while I am here I shall like to join myself, seeing as I was part of the previous club. =) Gumshoe is one of my favourite characters from the series thus far, and I am looking forward to that 5th game as well (especially as it is currently going to come out in english, thank goodness. Silly Capcom).
Yeah, I think almost everyone likes Gumshoe. <3 He's a little scatterbrained, but he always get's the job done. :3 And yessss, thank goodness AA5 is coming in English; capcom is finally back on track with Ace Attorney releases. u-u'

Here comes a topic question: What is your favourite character theme?

And of course, I'm referring to each character's own respective themes. Anyway, my favorite character theme is Godot's theme, because its dark, mysterious,and jazzy all at the same time.

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