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I'll update. (:

Here's the dealio now. Since last time I have...
-beaten Morty
-saved Amphy and who-knows-how-many inept sailors
-explored a lot in order to gather up TMs
-trained my party
-accidentally run into Entei and Raikou right after one another, once each (chucked a fast ball out of desperation but no dice)

Right now this is what my party looks like (still no images. I am a bad poster);

Pixie the Espeon, lv.29 ♀
Quirky nature, absolutely terrible IVs. Average was 6.018 or something... at least her Sp. Atk is relatively high!
Quick Attack / Swift / Bite / Shadow Ball

Glacia the Lapras, lv.20 ♀
Water Absorb :(
Naughty nature... kept it because it has 31 Sp. Atk and 31 Speed IVs!
Confuse Ray / Ice Shard / Surf / Body Slam

Leafy the Meganium, lv.32 ♀
Petal Dance / Synthesis / Cut / Magical Leaf

Moon the Ampharos, lv.31 ♀
Tackle / Charge / ThunderShock / Thunder Wave

So obviously some of my pokémon still need some work (especially the movesets) and I'm going to be stuck on Jasmine unless I get a good fire-type. I want to figure out which NPCs have a vulpix and go and battle them so that I can trade for one. I'm also going to need a fly slave, not sure who I'll pick yet... hmm... back to the drawing board I guess.
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