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"That's..." Blaine began, as if he was trying to remember something.

Then, a couple of loud youngsters entered the pokémon center, babbling aloud about their Poliwag and Staryu and which one was the best. You get distracted and when you look up again, Rapidash is back into its pokéball and Blaine is exiting the Pokémon Center.

The nurse lets out a sigh and gets back behind the counter. She lets Chansey deal with the loud youngsters when the want to heal their pokémon, and instead the nurse uses a computer behind the counter.

"He confronted one of your trainers already," she types. Guess to who? "But he can't know something yet, right? Word doesn't spread THAT fast!"

She got a response after just a few seconds.

"If there is something weird behind this, word might not have to travel at all," was the response, making the nurse swallow hard.

Of course, you didn't read any of that. You'd better find one of your teammates or report to Ambella Coal via your pokédex messaging system, or get to the ferry already.