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In order to account for the incredible size of the game, Gamefreak would have to have their affiliation with Nintendo bought out by Sony and/or Microsoft to have Pokemon brought over to consoles.

And why would Nintendo sell? Pokemon is one of Nintendo's highest selling games, bought out contracts means we'd have no more handheld Pokemon games. All the next games would be console games.

Even if that did happen, making a Pokemon game with sizes comparable to, if not larger than such games as The Elder Scrolls, specifically Skyrim, the amount of money that would be thrown around by Gamefreak and associates would be so incredible it would barely make enough in sales to cover overheads after buying out contracts etc.

Not to mention by the time the next generation comes out no one will buy something outdated.
And then there's the issue with its design. If the game wasn't produced with every expectation from fans it would flunk and then the Pokemon reign would be effectively over.

It's not in any businesses best interest because:
- Too big to fit on DS cartridges
- Nintendo would have to sell Pokemon despite their best interest
- High expenses probably not covered in sales
- Sales effectively stop after next generation
- If it flops, Pokemon is done for.

It's not going to happen anytime soon.