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Finally completed my Yellow challenge.
I started off by hacking in a Sewaddle (since I wouldn't be able to get one until after the second gym otherwise) that I named Wing.
Later on I added Kalluto the Yamask, Ging the Archen and Zeno the Axew to the team.
Just beat Alder, was originally supposed to have a video of it, but the emulator was running too slow.
Next color will be White, and I'll do Red, Gold, Ruby, Platinum and White.


Wing the Leavanny, Lv 74 (♂)
Item: Silk Scarf
Slash, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Leaf Blade

Kalluto the Cohagrigus, Lv 73 (♂)
Item: BrightPowder
Psychic, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind

Ging the Archeops, Lv 72 (♂)
Item: BlackGlasses
Fly, Rock Slide, Crunch, U-Turn

Zeno the Haxorus, Lv 73 (♂)
Item: Amulet Coin
Poison Jab, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Outrage
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