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Originally Posted by Dragonfree View Post
Wait, so we're not posting reviews with the scoring? I've written fairly long reviews of every entry already and I'm not here enough to be confident I'd remember to check back until all the entries have been posted. (Also, they're about the version of the fic sent in for the contest, and written with explaining the scoring in mind, which wouldn't make a lot of sense posted as a review in a thread where revisions have been made.)
Oh, yikes. I guess we should have explained that first. Sorry, Dragonfree. o_o

Just post the review you already have written up if you remember to, or if someone pesters you for it I guess, and don't worry about versioning--it is a timed contest after all so no one can fault you for reviewing an entry as-submitted. Anyway in past years it's usually only been a judge or two who actually gives a full-blown review (like bobandbill, who was a machine with all those entries last year). When (if) I give reviews, they'll be pretty short and written up upon request. At any rate, don't fret over it too much.

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